Favorite Farmware Pieces and Where to Shop For Them!

I just love this list of farmware favorites and where to shop for them!


Wire baskets // Boxwood wreath // 3-tier metal stand // Ribbed creamware batter bowl // Vintage metal scale clock // White pitcher // Galvanized cake stand // Enamel bread box // Nesting herb crates // Cotton wreath (or here) // Creamware Platters (or here) // Chalkboard crates //

Where To Shop

Farmhouse Wares

They consistently have great finds, but sometimes they’re out of stock, and you have to wait a bit before they’re re-stocked.  If you love something there, and it’s in stock–try and grab it if you can, it can go quickly!

Decor Steals

They offer one steal a day, and usually an extended steal or two.  Hurry fast and buy it if you love it–some items sell out in just a couple of hours!  Get on their email list, and every day they send out what the steal of the day is.  It’s one I check just about every day, because I do love so many of their things.

The Magnolia Market

Who doesn’t love Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper?  I adore so many things in their shop!

 Save on Crafts

They have pretty good prices, and even though I don’t love everything on their site, it’s easy to sift through and find the gems that I do love.  I have several of their boxwood wreaths, and adore them!

 World Market

Yes, World Market!  They don’t have a farmhouse style overall, but they do have some, especially in the kitchen area, that I always love.  Serving ware, cake plates, beverage containers, plus some of their furniture–okay, I could go on for awhile!

Painted Fox

Super cute stuff!  The prices are a little higher, but if you find something you really love, it might be worth the splurge.


I am a huge etsy fan, and I always check there if I’m looking for something specific.

If you have another shop or market to add to the list, please let me know–I’d love to hear about it!!


Yep, Target!  They’ve joined the farmhouse revolution, and have a bunch of farmhouse style products.

Source: Favorite farmware…and where to find it! | simplykierste.com

Fixer Upper Friday: Drop Cloth Curtains

Victorian Attic Window

So in the attic suite of our fixer upper #1, we’re lucky enough to have 8 windows that let in a ton of natural light. I love the natural light, but finding window treatments for these windows has been a serious hassle. I wanted to show off the character of the window (the odd shape of the window frame is to die for!), continue to let in natural light, while at the same time making sure that I had some privacy. That’s been a tall order as it turns out, but one thing was for sure. I could almost hear that these windows were screaming for linen curtains.

I absolutely love the look of linen curtains. The natural texture, the neutral color, and the design versatility win me over every time. The price, however, is a different story. I did a quick internet search for some fabulous linen curtains for the window above, and I was completely caught off guard by the price.


$203 for one curtain panel?! A curtain panel that I would have to hem and stitch to suit the size of my window. No way. I determined that for that price, the neighbors were just gonna have to watch.

[SIDE STORY: My bedroom window directly faces the bedroom window of my teenage neighbor. One weekend, she randomly approached me while I was doing some yard work and kinda awkwardly stuttered, “have you been sleeping well?” Kinda creepy, no?]

So yeah, I really needed some affordable curtains that let the light in, but at the same time took privacy to the next level. I had no choice but to think outside the box.

Canvas Drop Cloth

It didn’t take long for me to find some awesome ideas on Pinterest. You guys are so amazingly creative! So many of you have been getting the look of linen for less by using standard painting drop cloths as curtains! Repurposing is totally my jam, and I immediately raced to Lowe’s and bought some drop cloths. The package above was only $5.98 and measured 4ft by 5ft. The cloth is already hemmed and ready to hang. Ugh! So perfect! Check out this close up of my new drop cloth curtains and compare it to the $200+ curtains below.

Drop Cloth Curtain

Here are the more expensive panels:

I am so happy with these curtains that I just had to share it with you guys! The natural light still floods in, and you really can’t see through them to watch your neighbors sleep (sorry, creepy neighbor chick).

Have you made any unconventional window treatments? Please don’t hesitate to share!

DIY Lantern Light Fixture

Easter sales are in full swing, y’all! This is the perfect time to get a little crafty with a DIY project. There are so many goodies marked down that you can experiment without feeling like you’re being wasteful. I just bought a lovely white lantern on clearance for $5! My plan is to DIY a light fixture for my vintage bathroom. Seriously, I looked at it and just knew how perfect it would be mounted as a chandelier. Lindsay, over at the White Buffalo Styling Co., shared her own version of this fun DIY project some time ago, and I’m so happy to finally share it with you!

For the full post follow the link below.

Source: DIY lantern light fixture

Fixer Upper Friday (on a Monday!): Inspired Bathroom Renovation

The projects in fixer uppers are never ending. Sometimes it can be truly overwhelming, but other times you get to have a little fun. Finding cheap and easy ways to add something beautiful to a home is so gratifying. When I redesigned the attic bedroom in our fixer upper #1, I had so much fun creating a headboard.  Now I’m trying my best to figure out an affordable way to renovate the bathroom.

This bathroom has been the bane of my existence since we bought these houses. Popcorn ceiling and popcorn walls, ugly tiles on the partially finished floor, a sink that needs to be replaced, no shower or tub,  and worst of all, a leaky toilet. Honestly, this is a bathroom in name only. A renovation is long overdue, but bathroom renos can really break the bank.

So I decided to address some of the cosmetic issues first, partly because I wanted learn to love the space again and be inspired. A little back story: I was standing in the backyard with my sister and I looked up at the attic. There was a window overlooking the yard and I said, “where’s that window? Is that in the attic bathroom?!” I ran back into the house, grabbed a hammer, and beat the crap out of the drywall. Lo and behold, some former owner had covered an entire window with gross cottage cheese drywall. Sigh. Anyway, I called my handyman and had him replace the window, and then I set about tearing out the rest of the drywall.

Hidden Treasure

Not only did I excavate that wonderful window, I’ve also uncovered these really cool wood panels. Since then my design ideas have been taking shape around the shabby chic feel of those panels. So far, Ive managed to tear out the rest of the drywall, scrape and sand the wood panels, paint the walls in a vintage looking grayish blue (Behr Marquee in White Metal), and replace the medicine cabinet.

Shabby Chic Bathroom

I’m still a long way from the final reveal, but at least now I’m making progress. My next step is to create a bathtub out of a stock tank that I’ll place right in front of that beautiful window. Stay tuned for the stock tub bathtub post! If it works out, it’ll be a pretty cool thing to brag about 🙂 Have any of you seen stock tanks used as bathtubs? What do you think?

Vintage Secretary Desk: Love at First Sight


Sometimes I’m just in the mood to find a quiet corner in my house where I can sip coffee, check my email, and just write. No matter how compact, clutter-free, and efficient my home office is, it’s just not peaceful enough for me to enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee, a game of minesweeper (don’t judge me), and my artsy endeavors. What’s a lady to do?

I took stock of all the spaces in my home that had room enough for me to carve out this quiet corner I was in desperate need of, but they all fell short. The kitchen is always so busy at my house. The living room is equally as busy and it has the added distraction of the TV. I felt like I was running out of options.

Then something magical happened. I met and fell in love with the perfect vintage desk at a Habitat Restore. It was love at first sight. Seriously, it had me at hello, and I was determined to make things work between the two of us.

Secretary Desk

Since I recently converted the attic into a pretty cool bedroom and living space, I decided that my cozy writing nook should be the icing on that renovation cake. This perfect little secretary desk, with all it’s beautiful imperfections, is now safely nestled in this totally relaxing space.

Cozy Corner

Sometimes you can really luck out when you find vintage pieces. I didn’t do a thing to this desk. No sanding. No chalk paint. No refinishing. No nothing… and I just love it.

I’m totally curious. Have you ever bought a used piece that was an instant score for the win? Something awesome that you didn’t have to change at all?