Washington, DC Inspiration

This is going to be a quick post. I’m totally exhausted from traveling! I just got back from a weekend trip to DC. When I travel I always look for design inspiration for my fixer upper projects back home. It’s always cool to see how different places use their surroundings to inform the way spaces are designed.

St. Patrick's Catholic Church DC

I was down in DC for a close friend’s wedding. It’s certainly not the first time I’ve been to DC, but it was the first time that I paid more attention to architecture and design. There are tons of similarities between Northeast cities. I feel like if you’ve seen one brownstone, you’ve seen them all. Sometimes you gotta do a double take. In fact, I was staying in the Penn Quarter section of DC, and happened upon a Carmine’s location! It looks like a smaller version of the Upper West Side location.

Carmine's DC

The one glaring difference between DC and other Northeast cities was the bold color choices I saw on the exteriors of a lot of brownstones.

Colorful Brownstones

Colorful Brownstones 2

Even the interiors of the buildings had bold colors and crazy designs.

Coffee Shop Interior

Hotel Hallway

There was certainly a ton of eclectic mid century modern design where I was in DC. I’m not a big fan of that so much, but it did fit the city really well. it almost made me love that style of design.