These 4 Online Plant Delivery Services Are Garden Goals

Garden Goals! These online plant delivery services will transform your living space, by bringing the outdoors in, all without having to leave your front door!


Of course the king of all online retailers would create an amazing plant store. If you’ve tried your hand at planting and all you have to show for it are those pretty ceramic pots that once housed your dearly departed gardening efforts, Amazon’s Plant Store will be your new best friend. Affordable and varied, the selection -and the price- can’t be beat.


This is Anthropologie’s devoted garden shop. If style is what you crave, Terrain is where you want to be. Here you’ll find all your outdoor living needs. Everything from all-weather furniture and accessories to garden tools and, of course, plants.

The Sill

You might recognize The Sill from their cult following on Instagram #thesill #plantsmakepeoplehappy. A quick scroll through the pics will make you a believer. If you’re new to gardening, The Sill has a huge selection of plants for beginners and they also boast a selection of pet friendly plants. But what makes The Sill so Instagram-able is the chic, yet simple design aesthetic of their garden creations.

Lula’s Garden

So what if Ikea started my love of succulents. Those little plants are so darn cute, and they add a touch of green to the smallest of spaces. Lula’s Garden makes shopping for these small wonders super easy. They even have a Mother’s Day section so that you can get Mommy her very own tiny garden just in time for her special day.

Fixer Upper Friday—5 Pretty Houseplants that Improve Air Quality

These 5 pretty houseplants are a breath of fresh air!

5 Pretty Houseplants that Improve Air Quality

1. Spider Plant: As one of the most popular and commonly found indoor plants, Spider Plants not only are easy to care for, but also work as a natural filter for absorbing harmful elements like mold and other allergens from the air.

5 Pretty Houseplants that Improve Air Quality

2. Aloe Vera: We’re all familiar with the incredible healing effects that aloe has on cuts and burns, but what many don’t know is that it also removes Benzene from the air, which can be found in many chemical cleaners and paints. Plus, Aloe Vera plants are almost foolproof for anyone who doesn’t possess a green thumb, making them one of the easiest plants to care for, with the most benefits!

5 Pretty Houseplants that Improve Air Quality

3. Philodendron: Known for their beautiful flowering leaves and bold appearance, Philodendron’s not only make a statement in any interior, but also absorb high levels of Formaldehyde from the air. Unfortunately, since they soak up large volumes of harmful toxins, this also makes them poisonous to consume, so be sure to keep them out of reach from children or pets!

5 Pretty Houseplants that Improve Air Quality

4. Fiddle Leaf Fig: Fiddle Leaf Fig’s are cropping up all over the interior design scene lately, making them one of the most photogenic and popular indoor plants around. And not only are they aesthetically appealing, but they’re also wonderful for improving air quality by providing high levels of oxygen and cleaning the air of allergens.

5 Pretty Houseplants that Improve Air Quality

5. Peace Lily: Not only are they easy on the eyes, but they’re also powerhouses when it comes to detoxifying the air of Benzene, Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene, and Ammonia. Place them in your bedroom to reap the benefits of these toxin-destroying botanicals.

Source: TataHarper