These Open Shelf Kitchen Designs Will Forever Silence Your Inner Hoarder

Ditch those upper cabinets! These open shelf kitchen designs will inspire your next kitchen update.

Can we be honest? Upper cabinets are the giant tombstones in a kitchen graveyard filled with unused dishes, useless appliances, and forgotten cans of food you never liked in the first place. Alright, I’m being dramatic, but I used to always find myself fishing around in those upper cabinets and wading through a bunch of stuff that I should’ve thrown away, but instead tucked away. I took the open shelf plunge over ten years ago, and it totally changed the way I relate to kitchens, grocery shopping, and cooking. Open shelves brighten up an otherwise dark kitchen. You can actually see what you use and use what you see. Nothing more. Nothing less. Still not convinced that open shelves are life? Check out these kitchens and prepare to change your mind!

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What’s the point in having beautiful dishes if you can’t show them off? I’ve always loved open shelving in kitchens. Those beautiful dishes that I just had to have become the focal point in a kitchen with open shelves. I love being able to use the color and design of dishes to anchor the color and design of the kitchen. When I want to update and refresh the kitchen, it’s far easier to change out a set of dishes than it is to refinish cabinets and change paint color. Added bonus? It forces me to stay organized which in turn makes cooking faster and more efficient.

I have secretly hated kitchen cabinets for as long as I can remember and apparently I’m not the only one! I stumbled upon this awesome list on Remodelista that I just had to share! Check out these kitchens. Less is totally more!