Try This---Gingerbread Coffee

Try This—Gingerbread Coffee

From time to time, I sprinkle a dash of cinnamon on top of my freshly ground coffee beans before I brew a pot. The result is a totally flavorful cup of coffee that really smells divine. Saturday morning, I was on pre-coffee auto pilot, dragging myself around the kitchen like a zombie. I reached for the cinnamon (so I thought) and added a dash to the coffee grounds. When I finally started sipping on my coffee, it had this spicy warm kick to it that I couldn’t quite figure out, but absolutely adored. You get where I’m going here? I accidentally added a dash of ground ginger instead of cinnamon and rather than totally destroying my hopes for a good day, it was actually the best mistake I could’ve made. I started thinking of the possibilities…

Image: abeautifulmess

Sunday morning, it finally started sinking in that Christmas is only a few weeks away. I decided to take my accidental ginger coffee to the next level… Gingerbread Coffee! I just added a dash of ginger, a dash a cinnamon, and a tiny pinch of nutmeg to my coffee grounds and oh man! You may have to play around with the proportions a bit to suit your taste, but any way you do it, you must try this!!!

Gingerbread Coffee


  • ground coffee
  • 1 dash ginger
  • 1 dash cinnamon
  • 1 pinch of nutmeg


  • mix ground coffee with the other ingredients
  • brew as you regularly would