3D Interior Design: There’s an App for That

Whether you’re moving into a new place, or you’re just ready for a re-imagining of you’re existing space, visualizing how that Ikea sectional will look against that wall over there can be tough. You’re faced with a lot of choices: paint color, furniture, accent pieces, the list goes on. Ever wonder what it would be like to style a home, a la Joanna Gaines, using that nifty computer program you see on Fixer Upper? I know I do! With the use of virtual technology becoming more mainstream (you can buy your own VR goggles at Walmart or Target for less than $20), shouldn’t it be possible to step into the room of your dreams using just an app?

Fortunately the fine ladies and gentlemen over at Houzz have launched an app that does just that. It makes your interior design process feel almost like playing a video game. The View in My Room 3D app is now available for iphone/ipad platform, and allows users to preview how more than 300,000 pieces of furniture and decorating products will look in their particular space. The app is fully integrated with Houzz, so you can save items to your idea book, and even shop for products by clicking on them. How exciting is that?! Check out the video below!

Another option for android and iphone users alike is the Planner 5D  Planner VR app. The app allows you to enter the dimensions of your space to create a floor plan, and then choose furniture from a database of linked catalogs (such as Ikea), and virtually move the furniture around to preview how it will look. Um…awesome. If you don’t want to commit to downloading the app, you can even try it out from your web browser. Check out the video!

Colorful New England Farmhouse

While it’s true that I’m totally in love with Scandinavian interior design, I still have a soft spot in my heart for farmhouse style. I have an even softer spot in my heart for farmhouses that aren’t afraid of going bold with colors. So when I saw this amazing farmhouse featured in House Beautiful, I went absolutely gaga. Feast your eyes on this!

Here’s the skinny on the paint colors used in this beautiful home:

Paint Colors
Kitchen cabinets – Stratton Blue by Benjamin Moore
Kitchen walls – Green Ground by Farrow & Ball
Kitchen floor in Carriage Green by Farrow & Ball
Dining room cabinets – Minster Green by Farrow & Ball
Bathroom floor – Tidewater by Sherwin-Williams

Source: House Beautiful

Texture and Pattern: Interior Design Inspiration

There’s an ongoing debate between me and my sisters over my love of minimalist interior deign. They really think minimalist designs are generally cold and sterile, lacking color and warmth. I tend to think that lots of colors and lots of furniture tend to weigh a home down. To me, neutral colors allow you to play around more with texture and pattern and allow a more visually interesting opportunity to incorporate pops of color. Anyway, the debate rages on. I was swooning over what I thought was a compromise between our styles, but it didn’t go over too well. Instead, I want you guys to look at these pics from SquareFoot Interior Design and join me in coveting their amazing blend of texture and pattern in a beautiful loft space. You’re totally gonna be on my side when you see these pics!

I absolutely love this space. Simple, sleek, and cozy all at once. Admittedly, it doesn’t boast those pops of color (totally trending in interior design this year), but it’s just perfect in terms of that hygge style interior we’ve all been craving.

If you love the look of this space, but you’re like my sisters ad crave a little bit more color, check out this post for affordable, yet trendy, home decor items that aren’t shy about hues!

Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2017

Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2017— Fixer Upper Friday

There’s no doubt that interior design trends over the past couple of years have been dominated by Scandinavian and minimalist aesthetics. The Scandinavian aesthetic has made grays and whites the go to color for everything from walls to textiles to tableware. While the minimalist aesthetic has favored function over form and furniture choices have definitely reflected that sentiment. Clean lines and hidden storage solutions have certainly been the most popular trends.

2017 is ushering in a thirst for color and texture and the hot new trends will embrace everything from floral prints to rich jewel tones and bold colors. The Scandinavian and minimalist design design trend will still dominate, but the name of the game this year is to incorporate bolder colors and mixed textures, in order to give homes a much more curated look.

If you find yourself cringing at the thought of floral wallpaper plastered on your crisp and clean living room walls, don’t be too alarmed. There are much more subtle ways to stay on trend with this year’s must have textures and colors. Rule of thumb: use small items to add that pop of color or that depth of texture then work your way up!


Raw, natural materials are set to make a big splash. While 2016 gave us shiny finishes like rose gold and copper, this year we’ll see more terracotta, cork, and even volcanic stone. Also, look out for velvet or floral accents like throw pillows and fabrics. Or take the plunge and try to get a hold of a vintage velvet couch! Thrift store time!!!


Earthy colors like powdery pink, sand, ochre, cinnamon, rust, and olive green will all make their mark this year. Deep Jewel tones will also appear, adding a romantic touch to interior spaces. Also, look for watercolors and the use of artwork to anchor spaces in unexpected ways like floor coverings.

Images: Dexigner, Interior Design, Vogue, Domain, Amara

Scandinavian Inspired Interior—Fixer Upper Friday

Here’s the thing: I really love the whole Scandinavian design aesthetic. There’s just something so calming about a blank canvas of neutral colors. It’s the perfect opportunity to play around with different textures and to add pops of color here and there. When it all comes together, if it’s done right, you have a serene space that looks very much alive and cozy, but most of all the space is refined and understated. Very grown up, no?

Anyway, this beautiful interior is totally swoon worthy, and as I purge the useless things from my own home, I’m starting to really embrace concepts like minimalism and hygge. Check out the pics below. Isn’t this space just dreamy?!
Scandinavian Inspired Interior---Fixer Upper FridayScandinavian Inspired Interior---Fixer Upper FridayScandinavian Inspired Interior---Fixer Upper FridayScandinavian Inspired Interior---Fixer Upper FridayScandinavian Inspired Interior---Fixer Upper FridayScandinavian Inspired Interior---Fixer Upper FridayScandinavian Inspired Interior---Fixer Upper FridayScandinavian Inspired Interior---Fixer Upper FridayScandinavian Inspired Interior---Fixer Upper FridayScandinavian Inspired Interior---Fixer Upper FridayI’m so in love with this space! For more of the best Scandinavian designs you’ve ever seen, check out the link below!

Source: Scandinavian-Inspired Interiors