Thank You!!!

Just Me

My coworker snapped this photo of me while we were freezing outside during our lunch break. I asked her to send it to me because I just loved the way the camera picked up the sun rays. Since I started writing this blog, I’ve been paying more attention to pictures. Actually, I think I’ve been paying more attention to all of the little things, all of the details. I’ve been paying more attention to the beauty around us. I look for ways to improve myself, to improve my environment, and to bring as many sun rays as I can to those around me.

It’s been exactly one year since I started this blog and I’m overwhelmed by the love and support I’ve received from all of you. My hope is that over this past year I have brought you something of value. I hope that I’ve helped you in one way or another. Most of all, I hope that you know how much I appreciate you being a part of my life.

The internet is strange in that we don’t hear the sound of each others voices and we can’t see each others facial expressions, yet we know each other and we care for one another. I really want to say thank you to everyone that has stuck with me through this process. I am in awe of your creativity, your passion, and your presence.

If you haven’t already, follow me on Twitter (though I have no idea what I’m doing there!) and send me direct messages if you like. Also, be sure to follow me on Pinterest. I’m always so happy to see what other people are pinning.

I hope that we can stay connected and that we can be a part of this community together. Thank you so much!


Thank You