Wall Art: Vintage Travel Posters

Can we talk about wall art? Over the past year, we’ve all had a lot more time to stare at that blank spot on the wall that’s literally screaming for a splash of color. Your first reaction might be to make a Target run, or head over to Ikea, but hear me out. I found, purchased, and have fallen madly in love with these crazy cool vintage travel posters. The colors are subtle, but the quality is rich. The price is right, and even better, as I’m writing to you, they’re on sale (you get 3 for the price of 2)! They come frameless, so you’ll have to head to Ikea (I think they have the best prices) to get some picture frames, but it’s so worth it. I’m here to testify: the right wall art can enhance environmental and emotional wellness in an instant!

I got both of these because, as you know, I have a lifelong dream of traveling to Australia. I set up an office in the corner of my bedroom (I promise I’ll show you my office in a later post) and the colors of the posters perfectly compliment the space. And I got this next one because my mother really loved London and it reminds me of all the happy memories I have of her.

These posters come in other styles, sizes, and destinations, so there’s definitely one that will suit your space. Check them out!

Find the Sydney Posters here and here 

Find the London Poster here

Victorian Charm Meets Modern Design

My mother passed away this summer. I can’t believe how difficult it is for me to write that sentence. I can’t begin to tell you how much my world has changed, how much my family has lost, and how deeply we grieve. There are simply no words.

I can tell you that Mommy was a warrior. She was brave and resolute. She was fiercely intelligent, gentle, and kind. The way she moved, exuded sophistication and class, yet she carried it with all the humility of a saint. She was a mother to the five of us. She was a wife to our father for 52 years. She was a doctor for over 30 years. Mommy was a healer, and she was a giver. She was loved deeply and she was deeply loved in return. Perhaps her greatest mystique was this innate and unrelenting contradiction… Mommy was prim, proper, and elegant, yet she was edgy, daring, and raw. She was the embodiment of Vctorian-Modern. An anglophile to her core, she would have loved me describing her that way.

Anyway, this home by senior designer Chelsie Lee of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design truly captures that wonderful balancing act. When I saw it, I knew I had to share it with you all, as a tribute to my beautiful mother. I seriously love this.

A Before and After Home Makeover You Have to See to Believe

As it turns out, you don’t actually have to knock down walls and totally change the character of your home to achieve the feel of an open concept floor plan. This stunning Tudor style house is proof that with some paint and some impeccable style, you can keep your walls where they are, maybe even use bold colors on them, and still feel light and airy in your real life home! Let these before and after pictures wow you into giving your home a spring makeover.




The exterior brick was painted in Benjamin Moore China White and the front door in Benjamin Moore Greyhound.

This amazing living room features this beautiful couch from Serena and Lily, but I found a comparable sofa for a fraction of the price on Wayfair.

This lovely accent chair is worth the splurge because, you know, leather is leather.

The dining table is by McGee & Co, but I found a more affordable option on Wayfair.

Those tiles! You can find them here. The kitchen cabinets are painted in Benjamin Moore Forest Green. And really, who doesn’t love a Smeg?

The bathroom features these amazing plaid tiles, and a floating bathroom vanity to maximize the space.

The bedroom walls are Benjamin Moore Newburg Green, and can we please talk about that light fixture?! I just love those modern Sputnik chandeliers.

For more info on this before and after check out the webisode from Mcgee & Co.

This is the Beach House of Your Style Dreams

This South Carolina beach house from Cortney Bishop Design is the definition of a dream home! After I saw Julianne Hough’s home, I thought for sure that no other home could compare. I was so wrong!!! This jaw-dropping interior is masterfully curated without ever looking staged. Right down to the smallest of details, it is #stylegoals! There are no words. Just look, and get inspired!

Cortney Bishop Design even caught the eye of Homes & Garden UK, and you can read about it here.

Design Inspiration HallysLondon

Design Inspiration— The London Brunch Spot That’ll Give You All the Feels

Take all the inspiration from this lovely brunch spot in London for your next home design makeover.

Design inspiration alert! Sometimes I walk into a restaurant and feel completely at home. The place is cozy and inviting and there’s a certain vibe that just makes me feel so dang comfortable. Other times, as is the case with my Summer visit to Hally’s in London, I feel completely jealous because I can only wish that my home could look as calm, pretty, and functional as this cute little brunch spot. Seriously, this place is cute as hell, y’all! Inspired by California beach houses, Alexander Waterworth Interiors created a space (in south west London of all places) that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to the Pacific Coast Highway. No joke.

If the super fresh look of whitewashed brick walls don’t grab you, then the soft pastel dipped chairs and chic yellow industrial stools certainly will. Reclaimed wood floors and a beautiful tile detail just below the bar stools. If you’re still not in love, there are beautifully curated wood elements, vintage decor, and greenery on simple open shelves. Even the bathroom in this place is gorgeous with it’s bold wallpaper and cool tiles. Madness. I seriously love this place.

I guess I should mention that Hally’s serves a pretty mean brunch, but it’s the atmosphere that kept calling me back (and has me questioning every design choice I’ve ever made). When I grow up, I want my kitchen and dining room to look just like this! I’m gonna step aside while you guys add all this to your Dream Home Pinterest boards. Amiright?! Check it out!

Design Inspiration HallysLondon Design Inspiration HallysLondon Design Inspiration HallysLondon Design Inspiration HallysLondon Design Inspiration HallysLondon Design Inspiration HallysLondon Design Inspiration HallysLondon Design Inspiration HallysLondon Design Inspiration HallysLondon Design Inspiration HallysLondon Design Inspiration HallysLondon Design Inspiration HallysLondon Design Inspiration HallysLondon Design Inspiration HallysLondon Design Inspiration HallysLondon Design Inspiration HallysLondon