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I’m so glad you stopped by!!! My name is Bailey. I was born and raised in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY. I grew up in the part of NYC that didn’t have a Yelp or Zagat review. Abandoned buildings, cracks in the walls, barren corner stores, and absentee landlords.

I had to learn how to find ways to make life a little more comfortable without always having access to the best resources.

I had to learn that we don’t have to be millionaires or expert DIYers to create a simple life in a space we can be proud of.

I’m pretty much always broke, but I still like pretty things, efficient things, tasty things, and organized things.

Arsenic and Old Place is all about inspiring and awakening the interior designing, simple living, shortcut seeking, healthy lifestyle having, master chef visionary in all of us… with as little overhead as possible.

Helpful lifestyle tips and tricks for real-life people. Here at Arsenic and Old Place it’s all about enjoying the process.

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  1. Thank you for visiting me today, Bailey! Your blog is beautiful and so helpful. However, what I most enjoy about it is that your articles are varied and all your own. I’ve been to quite a few that had a wide variety and all of it was “reblogged” from others.

    Thank you for being fresh and original!

  2. This is beautiful. Genuinely written and very relateable. I’m happy you are sharing based on experience. I found my calm once I started doing that same thing. This webplace will be very resourceful to me and many others. I look forward to it

  3. hi Bailey! You are looking beautiful ad vibrant. I have had to discover how to manage my IBS with diet and exercise and have discovered so many things about being in the zone for health.

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