Wall Art: Vintage Travel Posters

Can we talk about wall art? Over the past year, we’ve all had a lot more time to stare at that blank spot on the wall that’s literally screaming for a splash of color. Your first reaction might be to make a Target run, or head over to Ikea, but hear me out. I found, purchased, and have fallen madly in love with these crazy cool vintage travel posters. The colors are subtle, but the quality is rich. The price is right, and even better, as I’m writing to you, they’re on sale (you get 3 for the price of 2)! They come frameless, so you’ll have to head to Ikea (I think they have the best prices) to get some picture frames, but it’s so worth it. I’m here to testify: the right wall art can enhance environmental and emotional wellness in an instant!

I got both of these because, as you know, I have a lifelong dream of traveling to Australia. I set up an office in the corner of my bedroom (I promise I’ll show you my office in a later post) and the colors of the posters perfectly compliment the space. And I got this next one because my mother really loved London and it reminds me of all the happy memories I have of her.

These posters come in other styles, sizes, and destinations, so there’s definitely one that will suit your space. Check them out!

Find the Sydney Posters here and here 

Find the London Poster here

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