Beauty Minimalism Ritual: New Year, New Approach

Say goodbye to complicated beauty routines and say hello to a beauty minimalism ritual.

As the beauty industry continues to inundate us with products and promises, it’s easy to find ourselves trapped in multi-step routines that seem more daunting than effective. What we want is a skincare ritual grounded in self-care rather than an overly complicated beauty routine. A ritual that is as straight forward as it is sustainable, with simple steps and even simpler ingredients.

Fortunately, some beauty brands are out here making moves! These brands are championing the need for uncomplicated skincare. From face masks that you can eat to Ayurvedic skincare lines that are personalized for your dosha, more and more beauty brands are embracing those simple ingredients and simple steps that we’ve all been craving.

Selia & Co is one brand that I’m super excited about. Harnessing the power of organic teas and botanicals, Selia & Co offer a line of products that are chock full of plant-based antioxidants with absolutely no artificial preservatives. Click on the images below for more info!

Soothing Skin Essentials


Those combinations are giving me all the feels! You know me, stay tuned and I’ll be back with some DIY versions that won’t break the bank. Until then, go forth, splurge and pamper yo’ self!

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