4 Wellness Subscription Boxes That Will Take Your Self Care Routine to the Next Level

I’m pretty stressed right about now. I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say house guests from hell + work + no play makes Bailey a dull lady. I have been embracing the sh*t out of self care lately, just to keep my head above water. So I got an email about this subscription box called Lunarly, and as you know, I love me some subscription boxes. It’s like Christmas morning, y’all. Anyway, I need a little extra TLC in my life, but sadly Lunarly wasn’t really my style, so I had to pick the interwebz’ brain for some self care lovin’ that was more my speed.

These wellness subscription boxes totally fit the bill, and though I haven’t sampled any yet, I have used some of the featured products contained in them. Spoiler Alert: I will be gifting these to family and friends this holiday season so if you know me and love me… ahem… you, um, won’t be getting these for the Holidays. Jedi mind trick. Check ’em out!

Pause and Unwind

When you sign up, Pause and Unwind will ship to you on the first of every month. You will receive a beautifully-presented & specially-curated box with 5 items such as high-quality spa/beauty products, & indulgent goodies! You’ll be treated to a wonderful relaxation kit featuring amazing women-owned businesses / women-founded companies. It’s a lovely surprise that makes a wonderful and unique gift as well!

Feeling Fab

When you sign up, Feeling Fab will ship to you monthly and you can pause and cancel at any time. You will receive 5-7 full size self-care, clean beauty, yoga and wellness products, yoga tips, zen guides, affirmations, and even brand discounts!

Go Love Yourself

When you sign up, Go Love Yourself will send you a monthly reminder that it’s time to spend time on you. Designed by experts and life coaches around a specific theme of your choice, each box will leave you happier and more fulfilled. Each box comes with reading materials and self-care items to make the reading experience come to life, as well as exclusive access to the Go Love Yourself community to help make the changes stick.

Hygge Box


When you sign up for the Hygge Deluxe Box, you will receive a curated box that includes a selection of products to support your self-care rituals and hygge lifestyle. Every month you’ll get 5-7 handpicked seasonal items like organic tea or cocoa, elements of light like candles or fairy lights, bath & beauty items, and even home decor accessories.

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