DIY Soothing Winter Face Mist

Face mists aren’t just for Summer, y’all! Sure it feels great to use a fine mist when temperatures are soaring and all you want to do is cool down, but the power of a Winter face mist should never be underestimated. Think of all your Winter skin woes. Dry, flaky, tight, dull. All of these issues can be drastically improved by the addition of this soothing Vanilla Chamomile face mist into your Winter skin care routine. Not only is chamomile perfect for calming skin inflammation, but the added vanilla makes this mist smell divine, all while calming the senses.

Soothing Winter Face Mist


  • 1 chamomile tea bag
  • 4 drops vanilla essential oil
  • 3 drops sweet almond oil
  • distilled water


  • Add chamomile tea bag to one cup of hot water
  • Let steep for an hour
  • Fill misting bottle three quarters full with cooled tea
  • Add vanilla essential oil, sweet almond oil, and top off with distilled water
  • To use, just shake and spritz as often as you like

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