Trend Alert---Healthy Unicorn Food Trend

Trend Alert—Healthy ‘Unicorn’ Food

Of all the recent food trends, unicorn food has got to be the most intriguing. You might have seen some pretty cool #unicornfood pics popping up in your Instagram feed lately. At first look, it may seem like candy, but if you want to taste the rainbow, this is probably the healthiest way to do it (sorry, Skittles). Deriving the colors from nature, unicorn food comes jam packed with the trendiest of superfoods.

  • Yellow=Turmeric
  • Blue=Spirulina Powder
  • Green=Chlorophyll Drops
  • Red/Pink=Beet Powder/ Freeze Dried Strawberries
  • Purple=Blueberry Powder

This all started with a smurf latte: a combination of blue algae, lemon, ginger, and coconut milk. Not a drop of coffee in this latte, but hey, food trends don’t always make sense. The whole thing is a little too hipster for me, and I totally prefer my lattes with coffee (I’m a rebel), but I admit that I absolutely love the way it looks! Check it out!
For more info, check out this link that takes you inside the unicorn food trend, including unicorn toast, blue algae lattes, pink milk, and more.

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