2017 In Focus---4 Health & Wellness Trends to Look For!

2017 In Focus—4 Health & Wellness Trends to Look For in the New Year!

The new year is just days away! This is the perfect time to reevaluate our lifestyles and to make healthier choices and habits that will carry us through the rest of the year. Last year, I told you how I always hesitate to make resolutions because I feel like I’m setting myself up for failure. The truth is I did make some resolutions last year that I actually followed through on. I really focused on the holistic experience of goal setting. I asked myself some tough questions and I was able to focus on why I wanted to make certain resolutions in the first place. When I focused my energy on the desired outcome, the occasional hiccup didn’t matter. It was empowering to be able to change my thinking and hold true to my goals.

The most effective way to accomplish your goals is to use the tools that facilitate success. Fitness, healthy living, mindfulness, and nutrition have never been so hot as they are right now. There are so many new innovations that are making it easier for us to gain control of our lifestyles. Here is a list of some pretty awesome trends that are set to make a big splash in 2017. Here’s to new beginnings!

2017 In Focus---11 Health & Wellness Trends to Look For!

personalized Nutrition

Subscription box meals have been all the rage, offering the home cook the opportunity to be a master chef. The subscriptions deliver the ingredients for a healthy home meal right to your door, cutting down on food waste and expanding your culinary horizons. Only problem is, what’s healthy for the next person might not be your best option. Well this year, get ready to see a rise in a more personalized approach to this popular trend. Companies like Habit and DNAfit, analyze your specific genetic markers to find out what works best for you. In the end, you get personalized meals based on your body’s unique needs. How cool is that?!
2017 In Focus---11 Health & Wellness Trends to Look For!

Fashion Minimalism

Don’t be alarmed! I’m not talking about wearing a school uniform here. Fashion minimalism is all about greener and more sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Companies like Khaite and Saul are spearheading a fashion movement committed to sustainable sourcing and ethical manufacturing while still delivering on aesthetics.

The Sobriety Movement

I’ve never been much of a drinker. I enjoy the occasional cocktail, but I’ve never been one to hang out at bars and get wasted. Ironically, I do meet up with friends at local bars for social gatherings, but more often than not, I’m sipping on tonic water. Apparently, I’m not alone. There’s already a growing movement toward sobriety. Health and wellness has been becoming more and more mainstream and the next logical step is a total revamp of your favorite watering hole. New businesses like the Watershed in Ithaca, New York are offering up more than your typical bar fare, by adding a variety of non-alcoholic options. Imagine meeting up at the local bar for herbal teas and tasty sober cocktails. Finally! You can even host your own sober cocktail (don’t call ’em mocktails) party with these simple, yet sophisticated non-alcoholic recipes.

2017 In Focus---11 Health & Wellness Trends to Look For!

Multi-Sensory Wellness Centers

We all know that health and fitness should be a total mind and body experience, right? The best workouts I’ve ever done were on a beach… with the gentle smell of saltwater… and the soft sounds of nature… in complete vacay mode. Talk about a multi-sensory experience! Well you can look forward to a similar total body experience in fitness centers cropping up all over. Take WOOM Center, located here in NYC that offers healing sounds, visuals, aromatherapy, and a complimentary elixir shot as part of their total body fitness experience. Welcome to the future of fitness!


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