DIY Chocolate Milk Bath

DIY Post-Election Stress Relieving Chocolate Milk Bath—You Know You Need It

So this blog is totally my happy place, free from all the stress that life hurls my way. I love bringing you guys cool DIYs and tasty recipes, and I especially love hearing from all of you. That being said, the election season here in the US has been a particularly stressful one. No matter which way you voted, the anxiety has been overwhelming. Now that Election Day is behind us, I think we all need to take a moment to decompress, stepping away from all things political. But how? The answer is pretty much always chocolate, except on multiple choice tests… I think then you should probably just go with ‘C’, or maybe ‘B’, but I digress. Chocolate! Chocolate is totally the answer here. It’s soothing and smells heavenly, so let’s just give it a go,  shall we!

DIY Chocolate Milk Bath


DIY Post-Election Stress Relieving Chocolate Milk Bath



  • Mix powdered milk, cocoa, and cornstarch in a small resealable container
  • Add about 1/2c to warm bath water
  • If using bubble bath, add it to running bath water first
  • Relax and Enjoy!

The milk in this recipe does a wonderful job of gently exfoliating and softening your skin, while the cocoa adds that extra bit of antioxidant oomph needed to repair weary skin. Really take the time to chillax in this bath, you guys, and enjoy the wonderful aromatherapy. Seriously.

DIY Chocolate Milk Bath

Recipe derived from azgrabaplate

Images Lindsey Johnson


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