The 4 Best High Impact Sports Bras for DD+ Women

The 4 Best High Impact Sports Bras for DD+ Women

Ok. Full disclosure here… I try my best to avoid high impact exercise, so the title of this post may be a little misleading. While my kiddo takes pride in workouts that leave him totally exhausted and occasionally puking, I much prefer workouts accompanied by fruit-infused water, scented candles, and the sounds of the ocean playing softly through Bose speakers. #yogaeverydamnday. That said, I haven’t actually tested these sports bras through high intensity workouts (only yoga and the totally infrequent sprint up the stairs). Still, I am pretty sure that even if you’re all about running and jumping, these bras will hold up (no pun intended). Added bonus: they’re super cute!
The 4 Best High Impact Sports Bras for DD+ WomenThe 4 Best High Impact Sports Bras for DD+ Women

  1. Panache Underwire- (pictured above in turquoise) ‘Lightweight microfiber fabric wicks moisture away from the skin and breathable mesh panels keep skin cool. Rather than compressing your breasts against your rib cage like most sports bras, panache sports bra individually encapsulates each one-lifting, shaping and supporting from all sides.’ —product description via
  2. Wacoal Sport Underwire-Sport bra offers great control, support and comfort for workouts or as your everyday bra.’—product description via
  3. Elomi Energise-Unique non compression design offering bust separation, shaping and the ultimate in support.’—product description via
  4. LuLuLemon Ta Ta Tamer II- (pictured above in pink) This hilariously named bra features a ‘sweat-wicking cooling fabric fits like a second skin. Added LYCRA fibre stays in great shape. Removable cups give shape and coverage. Hook-and-eye closure provides added support with a customizable fit.’— product description via


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