DIY Rose Water Toner Recipe—Spa Days at Home

DIY Rose Water Recipe

This is a real treat, you guys! Rose water is so amazing and so versatile that I just had to share. Instead of paying an arm and a leg for a small bottle of rose water, you can make your own in the same amount of time it takes to brew a cup of tea (added bonus: rose tea is actually a thing and we should all be drinking it right now).  Anyway, before you drink all of this rose water down, try adding it to your skin care routine as a toner, or into your bath water as a relaxing, soothing, and intoxicating spa experience. The possibilities are endless!


  • 1 cup dried rose buds and petals (I use food grade roses in case I want to have a cup of tea! Find it HERE)
  • 2 cups distilled water


• Bring water to a rapid boil

• Add the rose buds and petals to the boiling water

• Stir

• Cover and boil until the petals lose their color

• Remove from heat and allow it to completely cool

• Strain into pretty bottles or into a spray bottle (I use these BPA free bottles)

That’s it! Super easy! You can store your rose water for up to a week on your counter top, and for up to two weeks in the fridge. This is a great addition to our DIY Spring/Summer Face Mists and don’t forget to add it to your purse essentials kit!

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