DIY Painted Leather Office Chair

Painted Leather Chair

So I’m still working on the renovation in fixer upper #2, and it’s a slower process than I had anticipated. Recently I’ve been switching around the rooms, turning the former walk-in closet into a bedroom, turning the former bedroom into an office, and turning the former office into the new walk-in closet. Sounds crazy, right? Anyway, everything’s come to a screeching halt because I’m completely obsessed with trying to find the perfect office chair.  I really like the feel and the texture of leather, but I’m not sure if the look of a leather chair is what I’m going for. Then I came across this wonderful DIY and I had to share. I had no idea that you could paint leather with such amazing results! This opens up a world of possibilities. There are plenty of places to find cheap, quality second hand furniture and with a simple DIY paint job, one person’s trash can easily become another person’s treasure! For the full tutorial, follow the link below.

Leather Chair

This little chair has been transformed more than once. I got it several years ago at Goodwill for $12.50. It was the style of chair I had been looking for, but not the color, so I made slipcover for it. You can read about how I did that, HERE. Well, the slipcover had worn out {thanks to my boys}, and I needed to do something different…

Source: Painted Leather Office Chair {Radiant Orchid} – Beneath My Heart

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