Try This- Naturally Dyed Pickled Deviled Eggs

One of my favorite things about Easter is a deviled egg. Seriously delicious when done just right.  I found a pretty cool recipe that we all need to be eating (and I do mean overeating) right now.

“I’m really good at overeating deviled eggs. And let me tell you, they’re sort of not such a great thing to overeat. Pie? Ok sure. Ice cream? Alright. But deviled eggs? A little gross.

My motto with deviled eggs: Proceed with modesty and I’ll be ok! These were inspired by this recipe for naturally pickled eggs that my friend Hourie sent me from Epicurious. I was like daaaaang, so beautiful. I’ve made beet pickled eggs before. But never cabbage and turmeric. And let me tell you, the colors these two ingredients leave behind is so ridiculously beautiful.”

To continue reading just follow the link below!

Source: Naturally Dyed Pickled Deviled Eggs

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