Try This: Lemon Ginger Fruit Salad – A Beautiful Mess


Lemon Ginger Fruit SaladMaybe, just maybe, I’m jumping the gun a little bit. I mean, I really feel like Spring has finally sprung. The days are getting longer and I’m finally not freezing my tuchus off. Anyway, I’ve seriously been craving fruit salad lately. It’s like my body has totally convinced my brain that I have scurvy and the only cure is fruit. So I happened upon this delicious fruit salad recipe and I made it last night. This is, without a doubt, the best fruit salad I’ve ever had. Do yourself a favor and make this asap! Read on for the deets.

“We’ve all had fruit salad, but hang with me because this simple tip makes it so much more special! So much so that I made it twice this week.  

A few weeks ago in Chile, I was craving healthy food (due to pizza overdose!), and I ordered a fruit salad. I didn’t expect much because we all know they can be very hit or miss. And when it came out, it didn’t look like much. But then I took a bite, and it was AMAZING. Jeremy and I spent the whole lunch trying to dissect the flavors. We eventually concluded that it had to be a combination of citrus and ginger zest. 

I ordered a zester as soon as we got home, determined to recreate this elevated fruit salad for our everyday lives…”

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Source: Try This: Lemon Ginger Fruit Salad – A Beautiful Mess

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