Trend Alert: 17 Deconstructed Kitchens: Remodelista


What’s the point in having beautiful dishes if you can’t show them off? I’ve always loved open shelving in kitchens. Those beautiful dishes that I just had to have become the focal point in a kitchen with open shelves. I love being able to use the color and design of dishes to anchor the color and design of the kitchen. When I want to update and refresh the kitchen, it’s far easier to change out a set of dishes than it is to refinish cabinets and change paint color. Added bonus? It forces me to stay organized which in turn makes cooking faster and more efficient.

I have secretly hated kitchen cabinets for as long as I can remember and apparently I’m not the only one! I stumbled upon this awesome list on Remodelista that I just had to share! Check out these kitchens. Less is totally more!

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